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We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief
because the broken parts want to mend.  Brene Brown


Grief is a normal part of life.  Everyone experiences it at some time or another: when someone we love dies, when we experience a significant loss, when our life’s journey brings us to an ending of some kind.

Many of us are able to cope with the feelings that often accompany grief, which might include pain, sorrow, confusion, loneliness, fear, doubt, depression, and a host of physical experiences. These feelings ebb and flow, and over time, we heal.

For some of us, grief is overwhelming. We find we cannot function well in our daily lives, our relationships are significantly impacted, and we cannot see our way out of the darkness.

Grief counseling gives people support and help in living with loss. It provides a safe place for grief to be explored, whatever form that takes.

There is no right way to grieve. Grief counseling helps us find what our own grief mean to us, and how, despite our losses, we can continue to live.

For grief counseling, when the death has been within one year, the first visit is free of charge. We will discuss your situation and see if individual grief counseling will fit your needs. After that, services are fee-based.

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